Dr. Bhawan Paunipagar

Consultant Radiologist


Certificate of proficiency, Musculoskeletal MRI, American College of Radiology

Subspecialty Training

  • Musculoskeletal Radiology, CUHK, Hong Kong
  • Head-Neck Radiology CUHK, Hong Kong
  • Paediatric Cardiac MRI, Boston Children’s Hospital. USA
  • Adult Cardiac Imaging, Brigham’s Women Hospital, Massachusetts, USA


Musculoskeletal imaging, Body imaging, Vascular imaging, Head-Neck imaging


  • Ex-Co-Ordinator, Dept of Radiology, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai
  • Ex-Consultant Radiologist, Global Hospitals, Mumbai
  • Ex-Faculty, Dept of Radiology, Prince of Wales Hospital, CUHK, Hong Kong.

Additional Proficiencies

  • NABH Assessor, New Delhi
  • MMC Accredited Speaker
  • Ex-Section Editorial Board Member (till 2021), Musculoskeletal division, Indian Journal of Radiology-imaging


Book Chapters

125 Chapters in 13 published books in Radiology, Amirsys-Elsevier publishers USA.

  • Sutton’s Diagnostic Radiology (2022-23, Elsevier publication), Paediatric Head-Neck imaging, 12 book chapters
  • Textbook of Radiology: IRIA, Associate Editor-MSK division, 16 book chapters, Hip Module (Elsevier publication 2023)
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound-Musculoskeletal (2019), 16 chapters
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound-Vascular (2019), 6 chapters
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound for Sonographers (2019), 1 chapter
  • Imaging Anatomy: Ultrasound (2018), 16 chapters
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound-Musculoskeletal (2014), 16 chapters
  • Expert DDx Ultrasound (2009), 5 chapters
  • Expert DDx Abdomen (2008), 4 chapters
  • Imaging Anatomy: Ultrasound (2007), 16 chapters
  • Diagnostic imaging Ultrasound: 2007), 15 chapters
  • Modern Arthroscopy, Arthroscopy following TKR(2010), 1 chapter
  • Endometriosis: Basic Concepts and Current Research 2012, 1 chapter

Journal Publications

54 articles, Indexed and Non-indexed International peer reviewed journals. (Latest 10 articles below)

  • D Shah, Paunipagar B et al. Setting up 3D Printing Services for Orthopaedic applications: A step by step guide an overview of 3D Biosphere. Indian Journal of Orthopaedics, Dec 2020
  • R Shelat, Lokesh Bhatt, B K Paunipagar, Regeneration of hyaline cartilage in osteochondral lesion model using L-lysine magnetic nanoparticles labeled mesenchymal stem cells and their in-vivo imaging, Journal of tissue engineering and Regenerative medicine, Willey publication, Aug 2020
  • Parikh H, Toraskar K, Paunipagar B et al, Meliodosis, Int J Med Microbiol Trop Dis 2020; 6 (2): 126-128
  • Sonali Vadi, Bhawan Paunipagar, acquired central hypoventilation: A relatively rare complication following CABG, Saudi Critical Care Journal, Nov 2017.
  • Parag Bhalgat, Abhijeet Naik, Bhawan Paunipagar, Cardiac MR, myocardiac scar and coronary flow pattern in ALCAPA, Indian Heart Journal, August 2017
  • Paunipagar BK, Rasalkar DD, Imaging of Articular cartilage, Review article, Indian Joural of Radiology and Imaging, Special edition for Musculoskeletal Radiology. IJRI, 2014 (IJRI Volume 24, August 2014, 237-248).
  • Aakash Shukla, Paunipagar Bhawan et al, Radiological features of Hepatocellular carcinoma, Guidelines and present approach. Journal of Clinical Exp Hepatology, July 2014, Aug;4 (Suppl 3): S63-6
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  • Wong S, Rasalkar DD, BK Paunipagar. Imaging features of Graft versus host disease: Rare diffuse liver parenchymal disease. HongKong Med. Journal. Feb 2013
  • Rasalkar DD, Chu WC, Paunipagar, BK Paediatric intra-axial posterior fossa tumours: pictorial review. Postgrad Med J. 2013 Jan;89(1047):39-46.